MUSC 103: Beginning Guitar I (2 credits) This course is designed for non-majors who are total beginners on the guitar. You can find the syllabus here.

MUSC 203: Beginning Guitar II (2 credits) A continuation of the MUSC 103.

MUSC 130L: Guitar Ensemble (1 credit) Preparation and performance of music for guitar trio and quartet, although larger groups have been used. The USC Guitar Ensemble performs regularly throughout the state. Recent performances have included concerts in Charleston, SC for the Spoleto Festival.

MUSC 573: Guitar Pedagogy (3 credits) A study of the principles of playing and teaching the classic guitar and procedures for their application to individuals. You can find the syllabus here.

MUSC 587: Repertoires of the Lute, Vihuela, and Guitar (3 credits) A thorough study of the literature for plucked, fretted instruments from the Renaissance to the beginning of the Twentieth-First Century. Facsimiles of original sources are examined whenever possible. National styles, traits, and technical innovations are included to present this literature in context. You can find the course outline here.

Guitar Masterclass: A weekly performance workshop. Musical, technical and performance problems are discussed. This class is an necessary part of the applied lesson and attendance is required of all students in the applied sequence.