Student Recitals for Fall 2012

We’ll have four degree recitals in the USC Guitar program this semester:

20 November, 6:00: Jonathan Gangi, DMA Recital
27 November, 4:30: Alma Sehic, DMA Recital
28 November, 4:30: Brett Floyd, DMA Recital
7 December, 4:30: Brad Farmer, Senior Recital

Put these on your calendar and be sure to attend to hear your peers’ performances.

Spring of 2013 is looking to be especially busy with six recitals already scheduled, and several more to be scheduled soon. Plus, I’ll have 4-5 solo concerts of my own. Go to for details and updates.

You’ll notice that I have totally redesigned and updated Included are full recordings of guitar and lute music—some live, some recorded— of more pieces and I’ll be adding to these as time goes by. I also hope to post web versions of more of my printed articles, and I’ll be adding information about upcoming concerts. I hope to make it a less static site than the old one, which was designed in 2000—antediluvian in the Internet world.

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Student Recitals for Fall 2011

We’ll have five degree recitals in the USC Guitar program this semester:

13 October, 7:30: James Kerestes, Junior Recital
18 October, 7:30: Jonathan Gangi, DMA Recital
21 November, 7:30: Alma Sehic, DMA Recital
28 November, 6:00: Isaac Greene, Junior Recital
2 December, 4:00: Drew Spice, MM Concerto Recital (Villa-Lobos concerto)

Put these on your calendar and be sure to attend to hear your peers’ performances.

Jac Mandel DMA Recital September 30

DMA candidate Jac Mandel will give his third DMA Recital on Thursday, September 30 at 5:30 in the Recital Hall of the USC School of Music. The 20th-century program will include Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, Nikita Koshkin’s Andante quasi Passacaglia e Toccata (The Fall of Birds), Francis Kleynjans’ Arabesque, and the Five Bagatelles of William Walton.

New downloads available!

To the downloads page for lessons I have added: Adolphe Christiani’s table describing the various types of musicians from his 1885 Principles of Expression; a page of cadences in all major and minor keys I had originally envisioned as a fold-out page to be included in my Giuliani Revisited; and my Fingerboard Harmony Primer, which explores basic triads throughout the fingerboard and how these can be used to develop a better knowledge of functional harmony on the guitar.

Classes begin August 19!

Fall classes start at USC on Thursday, August 19. We’ve got a great year coming up. For an early start, I’ll be giving a free, 30-minute concert on Tuesday, August 3 at 12:00 noon at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church at 900 Calhoun Street in Columbia. Music by Moreno-Torroba, Llobet, and more!