USC Guitar Program Studio Policy

Lesson Attendance

Your attention is directed to the Handbook for Undergraduate Students; “A student taking applied lessons who incurs more than two (2) unexcused absences will receive a failing grade.” This seems a bit lenient to me. If you have any unexcused absences, your grade will be affected. Absences will not be excused after the fact. Sufficient notice, usually twenty-four hours, should be given in all cases. (You may leave a message at my office anytime: 803 777-7067, or e-mail me at The applied lesson is to be regarded as a professional obligation.

Office Hours

I will be available to see you outside your lesson or class time if you email or telephone me for an appointment. Because of an extended teaching schedule there are no posted office hours.

Required Materials

It is the responsibility of all students to purchase the necessary materials (music, A-Frame or other guitar support, proper instrument). Registration for lessons implies acceptance of this condition. Failure to obtain the required materials will impede progress and may be reflected in the final grade. You should budget between $75.00 to $150.00 a semester for music, books, and recordings.


Except for some rather limited and well-defined uses, photocopies of published music are against the law. It is your responsibility to purchase the required edition as soon as a piece has been assigned. Please see the resource sheet for information on music vendors.

Performance Class/Recitals

The weekly master class is an important complement to your applied lesson and should be treated with the same degree of professional responsibility. Erratic attendance will be reflected in your applied grade. You are also expected to attend the performances of your peers and professor.

Professional Journals

Serious students should be informed of events outside USC. The Soundboard, published by the Guitar Foundation of America, is an outstanding journal. Aspiring professional will find useful information regarding new publications, recordings, workshops, competitions and other guitar-related events. Subscription and membership information can be found here.

Download a copy of the Studio Policy here.