Considerable flexibility is permitted in the choice of audition material. Guitarists admitted to the undergraduate program should demonstrate a degree of technical fluency and musical awareness appropriate to the level of audition literature. (This means it is better to play easier pieces well than to play difficult pieces poorly.) Candidates must prepare two pieces from contrasting style periods, e.g. Baroque and Romantic, or Classical and Modern, as well as open-position major and minor scales. (If more advanced scales have been studied, e.g. long scales, these may be substituted.) Music scholarships are available to qualified applicants. Scholarship candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early. Contact Miss Jennifer Jablonski, who coordinates undergraduate music admissions, at jjablonski@mozart.sc.edu or 803 777 6614 for audition dates.

The School of Music recognizes that some talented students may lack the benefit of substantial previous classic guitar training. These students may be offered a conditional acceptance into the program to pursue remedial study (for credit) and work toward a formal qualifying audition.


M.M. degree candidates should demonstrate a high level of technical fluency and musical awareness through performance of the more advanced concert literature. Candidates should prepare at least three pieces from contrasting style periods. One must be a major work. Sight-reading, major, and minor scales will be required. See the graduate section in the Guide to the Applied Levels for representative works.

D.M.A. candidates are expected to show promise as concert artists and teachers. Candidates should prepare three major works from contrasting style periods. A major work is multi-movement sonata or suite, or an extended single-movement work.

Sight-reading, and performance of major and minor scales will be required for all M.M. and D.M.A. applicants.